Without a Fuck

Enrico Salvatore Gioiella


  • Without a Fuck
  • Without a Fuck
  • Without a Fuck
  • Without a Fuck

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About the Piece

40x48cm 3 panel oil painting

1 available

Explanation from the artist:

Painted triptych inspired by medieval tradition.

The biblical Mary on the right panel is holding baby Jesus and the Islamic Maryam on the left panel is holding baby Isa. Both ladies have received their child ‘without a fuck’ from their God. The quotes covering the ladies are from the Bible and the Quran. To demonstrate the contrast in Faith is not as big as some think, the Quran verse has be placed on top of Mary and the Bible verse on top of Maryam - creating a bit of mindfuck.

About the Artist 


Born and raised in Amsterdam. Inspired by the philosophers Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Sartre and Camus. My work contains the religious and political madness of the things that are happening in the last decade in Europe. Weak and political correct politicians and the ruthless actions of Islamic warriors who want to destroy our freethinking and freedom of speech are represented in my work.


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